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Apex Pumping Equipment was founded in March of 1996. The premise for going into business was to make a difference for the customer. All too often companies are driven by the bottom line without listening to what the customer is saying.

Brad Clemmons, President of APEX Pumping Equipment recognized the need for exceptional customer treatment! Prior to starting the business Brad saw measures taking place in the industry which contradicted his beliefs and values. This disturbed him enough to start his own company. It has been from this premise that APEX has been able to observe continued growth from the one man operation covering northern Illinois in 1996 to today where a TEAM of 17 individuals have come together to serve a 5 state region.

You must know who your customers are and treat them all equally from the biggest to the smallest. If you never waiver from this philosophy, this belief becomes part of your business culture from the top on down. Now every TEAM member carries the same thought process. "Customers drive our Business"!

Some customers don't even buy product but they play an integral part in the scheme of things. Consulting engineering firms are often overlooked. They are customers too!

The APEX TEAM unknowingly cultivated its slogan without realizing it until one day a few years back we asked ourselves, how are we different from the rest? Others have products and service just as we do but what separates us from the rest is what we do with those products and how they are applied to the customer's needs. Hence, our slogan

When our phones ring or an email arrives or whatever technology brings our customers to us, the same thought process begins each time that happens. This customer contacted us because he or she needs a solution! Let's make it happen! From that one contact point multiple ideas for solutions are created, discussed, presented and supplied!

Simple or complex needs are all welcomed! From fire pump house packages, Industrial pumps & packages, chlorination equipment, liquid storage tanks of all sizes, drivers, controls and alarms, down to residential fire pumps and booster systems, and of course field service for all the above, let the APEX Pumping Equipment TEAM "Supply you a solution"!

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About Apex Pumping Equipment