Service - Fire Pumps

Fire Pump Service

The fire pump specialists at Apex Pumping Equipment have analyzed and tested thousands of fire pump systems and take pride in their ability to resolve difficult situations. Helping you to identify, understand, and correct your fire pump system shortfall is our forte.

Fire Pump Service

Pump Repairs:

  • Replacement of bearings, packing, sleeves, impellers, shafts, circulation relief valves, swing bolts, packing glands, and air release valves
  • Fire pump top-off inspections
  • Adjustment of alignment
  • Rotation changes
  • PVC Drain line installation
  • Coupling guard installation
  • Circulating pumps
  • Irrigation pumps

Pump Refurbishing:

Our proven techniques for fire pump refurbishment and restoration will return your pump to acceptable performance levels or even its original performance.

Controller Repairs:

  • Eaton Cutler Hammer, Hubble, Firetrol, Metron, Joslyn Clark, Sylvania A.O.Smith, Sundh, Master, and Lexington
  • Annual fire pump controller pre-maintenance inspections of diesel and electric
  • Fire pump controller trouble-shooting
    • Relays
    • Contactors
    • Coils
    • Circuit Breakers
  • Controller conversions from across the line to wye-delta open or closed transition
  • We service both new and vintage fire pump and jockey pump controllers
  • VFD's

Fire Pump Driver Repairs:

  • Electric motor repairs
    • Rewinds and bearing replacements
  • Diesel engine maintenance and repairs
    • Replacement of oil, air, fuel, and coolant filters
    • Replacement of oil and coolant
    • RPM adjustment
    • Block heater installation and repair
    • Raw water solenoid installation and repair
    • 12 and 24 volt installation and repair
    • Installation of diesel fuel tanks
  • We service both new and vintage fire pumps and drivers

Fire Pump Testing

Forty-one years of testing knowledge is significantly helpful for troubleshooting, from something as small as an improperly adjusted pressure switch to understanding and explaining why a fire pump cannot make its rated flow and pressure. Our equipment utilizes the latest technology, from digital tachometer to the Monster Tester, to help detail a report for your local fire department or insurance carrier. See Fire Pump Testing and Refurbishing for more information.


  • Sales and service of accessories such as gauges, circulation relief valves, air release valves, coupling guards, graphite packing, swingbolts, packing glands, etc.
  • Installation of diesel tanks
  • Erection of water storage tanks

To speak with an APEX Fire Pump Restoration, Service or Testing specialist call 866.563.2739Apex Pumping Equipment - "We Supply Solutions!"