UL Listed Residential Fire Pump Systems

UL Listed Residential Fire Pump Systems

The 13D Home Defender is UL-listed specifically for residential fire pump service.

Be sure and ask your contractor if a "UL-Listed (448B) specifically for residential fire pump service fire pump has been provided.” All too often pumps of a lesser standard are provided! Is that what you want protecting your family?

The residential fire pump system market continues to grow each year. As more and more homes are built in rural areas where water from the municipality is non-existent, the residential fire pump system is becoming a must. These fire pump systems include a controller, pump and often times water tank connected to the home fire sprinkler system, suitable for extinguishing a fire well before the fire department arrives and often times leaves the station.

APEX's residential fire-water booster systems will provide reliable and dependable water pressure to protect you, your family, and your greatest investment. The system that APEX supplies is a sleek, compact but powerful design.

With a flow range from 30-60 GPM and a pressure range from 30 – 55 PSI, the Home Defender is designed to boost water pressure for automatic residential sprinkler systems.

The system is complete and ready for easy installation with the pump, motor, control panel, discharge isolation valve, check valve, test inspection and pressure gauge all pre-assembled. The unit comes pre-wired, pre-piped and pre-tested. The close-coupled end suction pump features stainless steel construction that can be utilized for both fire protection and domestic water.

Take the UL Listed challenge and receive 5% off your purchase price!" Ask your contractor if a "UL-Listed fire pump specific for residential service been provided." If they say no come back and get a discount.

Standard Models Available in stock: 40 GPM @ 45 PSI and 50 GPM @55 PSI

Other designs available upon request

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