N2-Blast® - Corrosion Inhibiting System

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The Green Solution to Inhibiting Corrosion

The N2-Blast® - Corrosion Inhibiting System for dry and pre-action Fire Protection Systems (FPS) is designed to generate and introduce high purity (98%+) Nitrogen (N2) into the sprinkler system as a supervisory gas.

Traditionally, compressed air is used as a supervisory gas for such systems. However, the constant presence of oxygen in the compressed air supports corrosion of the steel or galvanized piping. This corrosion, more specifically, microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), galvanic, and electrochemical corrosion has been identified as real threats to the integrity of sprinkler systems. Once corrosion is present in the piping, future repairs are inevitable and are costly. The best alternative, Nitrogen, is a clean, dry, non-flammable, inert gas and does not support the corrosion reaction.

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Using Nitrogen to Protect Your Fire Protection System

Nitrogen is a clean, dry, non-flammable, inert gas. The N2-Blast® Nitrogen Generation System supplies Nitrogen on demand at low pressure making it a safer alternative to using high pressure Nitrogen cylinders. Where the Nitrogen cylinders must be handled with extreme care, are heavy, and must be stored and chained up at all times, the N2-Blast® system is compact and generates its own high purity Nitrogen. There is no longer a need to monitor the Nitrogen supply to the FPS or reorder Nitrogen cylinders, therefore making the N2-Blast® a more convenient, cost effect and worry free solution to inhibit FPS corrosion.


Benefits of the N2-Blast® - Corrosion Inhibiting System

Buildings that use dry or pre-action Fire Protection Systems will truly benefit from installing the N2-Blast® - Corrosion Inhibiting System. Benefits include:

  • Preserving Your FPS - Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), Galvanic Corrosion and Electrochemical Corrosion have all been identified as real threats for the integrity of dry and pre-action Fire Protection Systems. The N2-Blast® is designed to inhibit corrosion all while extending the pipe service life of your FPS. 
  • Environmentally Friendly - "The Green Solution to Inhibiting Corrosion." In displacing the oxygen with Nitrogen, the bacteria responsible for corrosion in the FPS cannot survive. Therefore the N2-Blast® eliminates the need for chemical corrosion inhibitors. 
  • Simple Installation - The N2-Blast® is compact and requires only a connection to a compressed air line (compressor is an available option) and, in turn, the N2-Blast® with its N2 Storage Tank can be connected directly to the FPS riser.
  • Increased Safety - The N2-Blast® generates Nitrogen on demand at low pressure (60-110 psi) as opposed to handling high pressure (2500+ psi) Nitrogen cylinders. Nitrogen is not a chemical additive and poses no possible chemical hazard.
  • Convenience - Since the N2-Blast® generates Nitrogen on demand you will not have to worry about running out of gas or constantly changing-out high pressure Nitrogen cylinders.
  • Cost Effective - Nitrogen is an optimum gas to maintain your dry or pre-action sprinkler systems, but the cost of high pressure Nitrogen cylinders quickly adds up. With the purchase of the N2-Blast® the only other cost is an inexpensive annual filter kit.
  • Reliable - The N2-Blast® eliminates the risk of de-pressurization of the Fire Protection System due to untimely Nitrogen gas cylinder run-outs. This technology is tried, tested and proven by the leading Designer and Manufacturer of Nitrogen Generation Technology.
  • Prolonging the Service Life of Your FPS - The inert nature of Nitrogen prevents the oxidation and aging of polymeric gaskets, seals, and O-rings within the Fire Protection System. Nitrogen will also prolong the PDF pipe service life (PDF - 797KB) of Black Steel and Galvanized Pipe, thereby prolonging the overall service of life of your FPS.

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