Fredriksen Fire Equipment Co.

The testimonial below was sent to Fredriksen Fire (our customer) on behalf of our two service technicians Frank Cantu and Bob Dinkins...

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of contact with two extremely talented and professional people in your employ; Mr. Frank Cantu and Mr. Bob Dinkins.

Ownership ordered a “pump packing job” for the facility’s fire pump from your John Garzda, also of impeccable character.

Frank and Bob notified me in advance as was requested and arrived promptly at appointment time. They were at all times courteous and proceeded with respect for not only me but the less than adequate surroundings and working conditions with which they were confronted.

The work order quickly escalated into "a job from Hell". The main feed valves did not hold and a tapered pin would not cooperate and had to be torched, drilled, and ground out. The pump housing was fused to an antiquated gasket due to lack of maintenance, and the existing packing was incorrectly sized and installed improperly. This scenario unfolded in a 6'X10' pump room with, at best, a 3' height clearance, including inadequate lighting and poor ventilation.

They "kept cool", attacking the job with incredible workmanship for 61/2 hours without as much as a lunch break, and achieved perfect results.

In these times of cost-cutting and constant client complaints regarding resource disbursements, it is refreshing to confidently state that, in this case, the job was worth every penny and more.

I have been involved in industrial and commercial construction as well as manufacturing and machining for forty-plus years. The individuals who I have encountered as a result number in the thousands. I can, having experienced a great deal, say that the types of both behavior and self discipline which were displayed by your people always were and remain rare. Be proud of your personnel. They performed in stellar fashion.

Unfortunately, I do not have many "great days"...however, due to my experience with Frank Cantu and Bob Dinkins, yesterday was great.

Apex Letter


Apex Pumping Equipment
702 Heartland Drive, Unit P
Sugar Grove, IL. 60554

Attn: Vince Rodriguez
Rob Baert
Dave Zollers

Ref: Jockey Pump Service

Good morning Vince,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to Thank You for the quick response and replacement of my 40 year old obsolete Fire Jockey Pump. Apex has been performing my annual Fire Pump Test for the last 3 years and when my Jockey pump finally would not perform, which Apex did notify me of the last Annual Test, Apex was quick to get me a reasonable quote to: Replace the pump, Control Panel and Piping. The job was completed as promised, and when the job was complete all my questions were answered and the pump is performing perfectly.

Thank you again

Larry Payonk
Maintenance Supervisor
Northlake, IL.
Phone: 708.236.3528
Fax: 708.236.3908

United States Fire Protection Illinois, Inc. Lake Forest, IL

United States Fire Protection Illinois, Inc. Lake Forest, IL


The pleasure was all mine. I can not thank you and your team enough for all your time, energy and concern that the job was completed on time. All the stars were aligned against us, but we prevailed. I have made sure that Walsh Construction and others at U.S. fire know what a great job you did.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.


Mike Peterson

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Testimonial from US Cellular
Testimonial from US Cellular