Packaged Fire Pump Systems

Environmental Enclosure or Skid Mounted

It’s impossible to stop the rising cost of building.  However, there is a way to reduce the aggravation of the various trades disputing each other’s space.  For this reason as well as holding cost firm, the packaged fire pump system has gained popularity in the last several years.  Not only can it help in the above matters, but also when a system leaves the factory you eliminate finger pointing if a problem does develop.  System responsibility is key to the buying decision with these types of systems.

Tigerflow Skid Packages
The complete Tigerflow system is factory built, tested and ETL/C-ETL third-party certified before shipment. That means the unit arrives on site meeting and/or exceeding all relevant industry standards, including NEC and NFPA guidelines. Liability and performance risks are eliminated. Coordinated deliveries of third party certified systems make contractor performance penalties and delays inherent in site-built/site certified systems a thing of the past.

Your factory engineered system will arrive ready to go and operate reliably to the required specifications, with the simplest of site installation.






Tigerflow Packaged Fire Pumping System - Skid Mounted                                        Tigerflow Packaged Fire Pumping System -
                                                                                                                                                 Environmental Enclosure

ITT Pump House Package 

With ITT A-C fire pump systems you can rest assured of start-up and future product support being available locally and worldwide.


1. UL listed/FM approved diesel engine

2. Pressure sensing lines installed per code requirements

3. Single point electrical connection (all electrical components pre-wired at the factory)

4. UL listed/FM approved fire pump controller

5. Stuffing box and engine raw water drain connections

6. Fire-piped fuel system

7. UL listed/FM approved horizontal split case fire pump



Teamed up with these two industry leaders backed by years of knowledge and experience the design engineering, manufacture and delivery of your fire pump system could not go any smoother nor could they be to a higher level of quality!

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