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The Constant Chlor® Plus Dry Calcium Hypochlorite Feeding System

The Constant Chlor®Plus dry calcium hypochlorite chlorinator feeding system is designed to prepare and automatically deliver a consistently accurate dose of liquid available chlorine for water purification and disinfection applications. This patented feeding system can supply up to 250 pounds of AVCL/day. The feeder uses NSF Standard 60 listed Constant Chlor® - Plus dry calcium hypochlorite briquettes and patented spray technology to produce fresh liquid chlorine solution as needed. The fresh made reservoir is filled with approximately 1.7% available chlorine solution and volume is maintained via an electronically controlled spray manifold (an optional dilution assembly to produce solutions strengths below 1% AVCL is available). The hypochlorite solution is injected into the application with an appropriate, highly accurate positive displacement chemical metering pump specified for the application. Most metering pumps can be mounted directly to the pump mounting plate on the Constant Chlor® skid.


  • Effective alternative to liquid bleach and chlorine gas
  • Capital cost of installation is 1/2 to 2/3rds less than Sodium Hypochlorite installations
  • Efficiencies in bulk storage and man hours
  • Consistent and reliable chlorine solutions
  • Operates at normal atmospheric pressures and is readily serviceable for refilling and cleaning while in operation
  • Reduced metering pump air locks due to off-gassing
  • Eliminates transfer spills
  • Delivers up to 250 lbs. AVCL per day
  • SCADA and modem compatible
  • Skid mounted for easy installation on 14.5 sq. ft. footprint, easily fits through a 3 foot door
  • Minimizes man hours for maintenance and shut downs

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Constant Chlor® Plus Dry Calcium Hypochlorite Briquettes

Specifically designed for use in the Constant Chlor® Plus Spray Technology feed system, the briquettes are relatively small, smooth and "pillow shaped" for maintaining optimum packing in the spray bed. Maintaining a well-packed bed of briquettes significantly reduces the potential for large voids in the spray surface that can result in inconsistent residual concentration in the final solution. This is what makes The Constant Chlor® Plus spray feed system markedly different from erosion feeders currently on the market.

The briquettes are designed for use in the Constant Chlor® Plus chlorinator systems, including the MM-1S Mini Muni. The briquettes provide chlorine solution for use in many applications including the treatment of surface and groundwater for municipal drinking water use, as well as the treatment of wastewater effluent.

These patented, pillow shaped briquettes contain a scale inhibitor designed to reduce maintenance and improve reliability of the feeder system.

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Constant Chlor October 2012 Report

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